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We specialise in everything car related, ranging from teaching you to drive a Mini on two wheels, performing that perfect power slide into shot to unlocking the key to securing over 20 National Motorsport Championships!

Corporate Days

There are so many companies in today's experience day market, so how do you know where you will be able to impress your clients, and not disappoint them?

Driver Training

There are many different skills drivers need in the modern world, and we are able to offer tailored one to one training packages for most of these specialist needs

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Services we currently offer include, experience days, corporate days, stunt display teams, arena shows, interactive entertainment, driver training, stuntman training, tv and film driving, autotest driver training, car build and preparation, basically anything to do with cars we can do!

This website will take you through many of our services, if you need or want anything you can't find then please CONTACT US and we will do our best to help you!