Booking Terms & Conditions

A booking is only considered a booking once a voucher has been activated and full payment has been received by Stunt Drive UK Ltd. Upon booking your course you will be offered a range of available dates, from this range you will select a suitable date for your course.

Once a date has been selected and booked for your course you are committed to this date, time and venue.

In the event of non-attendance of a course, even if pre-notified, for whatever reason, the entire course fee will be forfeited. In the case of a booking being made with a voucher, the voucher will be deemed to have expired and been used.

The only circumstances in which a change of booking will be considered is when the participant has purchased our CANCELLATION WAIVER in advance of attempting to change the booking and complies with the associated requirements.

We reserve the right to cancel a course, in which event an alternative date or venue will be offered. If no alternative date can be agreed then the paid value of the course fee will be refunded to you (minus a maximum percentage administration fee of 10%), should the booking be made by a voucher the voucher will remain valid until the expiry date.

We reserve the right for the content of any course to be amended at any time without prior notice.

In the event that we should decide that a course is not able to continue for any reason, including safety grounds, we will offer you an alternative date for your participation on the course to be completed.

Safety Terms & Conditions

You confirm that you meet the height requirements of between 1.3 metres and 2 meters tall. 

You confirm that you are under 20 stone in weight. 

You confirm that you are of good health and mobility 

You confirm that you are over the age of 14 years old. 

You confirm that you are not pregnant. 

You conform that you do not have impaired vision. 

You confirm that you do not have any back or neck conditions. 

You confirm that you do not have any medical condition which affects your ability to control a car. 

You acknowledge that should you book a course for a person who does not meet these requirements then no refund shall be offered and all vouchers invalidated. 

You acknowledge that should you not meet these requirements Stunt Drive UK reserves the right to refuse your participation on the course on the course date, with no refund offered and your voucher will be invalidated.

You confirm that you will sign an indemnity upon arrival at our venue, which will indemnify Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries against any possible claim for injury and / or  death. 

You confirm you will follow our instructions and advise at all times. Should you refuse to follow these instructions at any time during the course then you will be asked to leave the course and refused completion of the course. In these circumstances no refund will be offered.

Should we feel at any time during the course that you are unwell or unable to take part in the course then the continuation of your participation will be refused, no refund offered, and the validity of the voucher cancelled.

If you are under the age of 18 years old a parent/guardian must be present with you during the course and countersign the participation form on the day.

Spectators are welcome on the day, but must remain within the spectator area at all times. Failure to do so will result in their removal from the site and re-entry refused.

Smoking is only permitted on site in the designated smoking area. Smoking in non-smoking areas will result in removal from the site, with your voucher being invalidated and no refund offered.

Pets are not allowed on the venue at any time, even if on a lead.

Should a participant vomit whilst in a vehicle for whatever reason the Venue Manager has the right to request payment of the costs of cleaning the vehicle. 

Third party insurance is provided in respect of your participation on the course.

Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

Should you purchase a gift voucher directly from Stunt Drive Uk Ltd, this voucher will be delivered to you by automated email within 24 hours of the date and time of purchase. 

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase at all of our venues.

Should you purchase any item or goods from the Stunt Drive UK Ltd website, this item will be posted to you by Royal Mail First Class post within 3 days of the placement of the order. In the case that the whole order cannot be processed on one single occasion, all items which are available will be dispatched within 3 working days by Royal Mail First Class Post, with the remaining items being dispatched as soon as possible thereafter.

You will be advised of any delay in your shipment as soon as we are aware of this. 

It is accepted by the signee below that they knowingly intend to participate n a challenging and risky activity using mechanically propelled vehicles, recognised as such under the Road Traffic Act (Off Road) Regulations 1991. The Signee accepts tat dangerous conditions plus dangerous, careless and inconsiderate driving pleas high speeds plus the use of amateur constructed or modified vehicles may significantly increase the risk of being killed, permanently disables or seriously injured. 

The Signee acknowledges that participation in this event entails know and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or damage to themselves, to property or to third party. It is understood that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardising the essential qualities of the event. 

The Signee has satisfied themselves of the preparation and conditions of the course and do self certify that the margins of safety, barriers and braking areas are adequate and suitable for their degree of competence and type of vehicle. The Signee accepts the responsibility of monitoring all conditions that may materially change the aforementioned and they participate of their own free will and are free to withdraw from the event at any time. 

The Signee will use all appropriate safety equipment. 

The Signee accepts that participation in the activity is purely voluntary and elects to participate in spite of the risks. 

The Signee certifies that they have adequate insurance to cover damage caused or suffered whilst participating, or agrees to bear the costs of such damage to their vehicle and that they have no known medical condition which may be adversely affected by participating. 

The Signee states that they have not taken any substance / medication which may affect their ability to control a vehicle. 

The Signee has read the rules and regulations governing this event and has understood the above conditions and agrees to be bound by them. And accepts that any Breach of the regulations may leave them liable to prosecution. 

The Signee accepts that the Organisers may use volunteer marshals in order to keep the costs of participating in this event affordable. 

The Signee authorises and permits the Organiser (and third parties connected with the event) to administer first aid and to authorise such other medical treatment and transportation as may be recommended by physicians, paramedic and other medical personnel, in the event of illness, accident or injury.

Risk Acknowlegdment Contract

I confirm that by purchasing the In car Camera Package and signing these Terms and Conditions i agree to the following;

I understand that upon signing this agreement i will receive the use of a HD Helmet Camera for the duration of my Stunt Driving Experience and that i will receive training on how to operate the camera. I understand that i am responsible for the return this camera in good working order at the end of my experience. 

I agree that i will not allow any other customer to use this Helmet Camera during their experiences with Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries and that this camera is for my sole use only. Should i allow a third party to use the camera i acknowledge that i will be responsible for the payment of a second In Car Camera Fee.

I understand that i am solely responsible for operating the camera. 

Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries is not responsible for the quality of the images which i film, assuming that the camera is fully functioning. 

In the case that the camera does not function correctly due to a technical error, Stunt Drive UK Ltd or its subsidiary will offer a full refund of the In Car Camera Package Fee. 

I have the right to use the footage for personal use only. 

I understand that i cannot use any footage to train myself, any third party or company in stunt driving. 

The intellectual property gained by filming Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries activities remains the sole property of Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries and i understand any breach of this agreement may result in legal action. 

Stunt Drive UK Ltd and its subsidiaries have the right to refuse to give the customer any or all footage of their stunt driving experience in exceptional circumstances. In this instance the customer will be offered a full refund of the In Car Camera Package fee. 

In-Car Camera Package Terms & Conditions