Final preparations are being made for this year’s Abarth Day which is being held this Saturday 30th June at Rockingham Speedway. This year’s event is expected to be the biggest Abarth Day held to date.  The exciting activities include the opportunity to drive the 595 and 124 spider range on track, 124 drift experience, 595 auto test, hot lap passenger rides and classic cars.

Multi world record driver Alastair Moffatt from Stunt Drive UK will perform impressive stunts with the Abarth 124 spider and Abarth 595 Competizione. Alastair recently carried out testing in an Abarth 595 Competizione and said “Abarths are really fun cars to drive and they are perfect for what I have in mind for Abarth Day. I’m sure everyone attending on the day will be impressed with what they can do in my hands.”

Gerry Southerington from Abarth UK says “This is already shaping up to be the biggest Abarth Day yet in the UK. It’s great to see everyone is excited for the big day on Saturday and our skilled driver team is also ready to welcome them all. It looks like the weather will also be great all day!” 

On Friday 29th June, Abarth owners take to the track in their cars for an exclusive ‘Scorpionship Track Event’.  The event starts at 2pm and will finish at 6pm with a barbeque and there are a few remaining tickets available. Only members of Abarth’s official club ‘The Scorpionship’ can attend at a cost of £79 which also includes a complimentary guest ticket and free access to Abarth Day the next day. To join ‘The Scorpionship’ visit:

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